Tea Time

I enjoy creating magic in my images…behold the flying teapot! Just a reminder to all… when you have a boring moment in life, create something whimsical!




The Mirror

Take with you the Mirror again, only to glance and glare at the sun indirectly through this handheld illusion. A constant battle to find the sun without a barrier – without a shield of some sort… To love, to endure, to nurture, to embellish, to look into the faded maroon glass and see…myself. Finally.




What do we do once we are ash? Tiny fibers of my being manipulate themselves to form a new. Scorched from the fire. A passion for life. To live. To Reform. To Burn again. This need to create by resurrection of oneself beyond comprehension of should and body aligned. This need that will not go unnoticed. un-wasted. For my ash will bloom from the Earth it has fallen to, only to feel the warmth of the fire once more…to fade into ash.



Love <3


an ocean of unanswered questions…reaching far beyond the horizon of this world.

Conditioned Unconditionally.

Be. Mine.




A darkened state awakened me. Trembling inside the root of my being. To fear the unknown. To question prematurely. Unbound into a state of mind so chilling, not even the ravens understand. An attempted sacrifice, left upon trepidatious curiosity of my soul. DSC_0079DSC_0065DSC_0054

Silence in White

Oh the silence of the morning, what a softness it assumes. Without a soul to disappoint, and yet I sit alone. The world begins to wake, my spirit attempts to unfurl, and just then the peace is crumbled through sound of your echoing cries. Much I wish to regain that once clouded vision, where we could sit in the stillness, alone-yet not…where we can awaken for once…hand in glove. 

DSC_0075 DSC_0076 DSC_0088 DSC_0090 - Version 2 DSC_0092

Purple Lace & Poetry

Within his kiss he whispered the words of my heart’s content, yet my eyes sat silently without admittance. Too naive to see the difference; A game of sorts. Though, yes. Upon reflections of innocence, truth appears.







DSC_0077 - Version 2

Mix Tape

Listen as the music twists its soul inside changing your code,

programming your cells to multiply, curing the cancer of silence

Let the cord wrap its way around you without doubt,

without fear,

we are the sound.

Hear me


DSC_0007 DSC_0061 - Version 2 DSC_0054 - Version 2DSC_0154

Sweet Cherry Pie

One of my hobbies is baking! I love the chemistry of it…it’s one of the reasons I make the best pizzelles you’ve ever tasted! Finding the twist in each recipe to make it juuuust right. My chocolate chip cookies are also another recipe I’m quite proud of. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to baked goods…as far as flavor goes…if something is not right, you will find me up until the wee hours of the morning recreating until I’ve got it right. I went with some sweet cherry pie this time…courtesy of Pinterest (I did however use my own pie crust recipe via my cousin Gabrielle’s tops secret formula). Can’t wait to cut into this deliciousness. As you can see, it inspired a photo out of me as well! Time to grab a piece of pie- a la mode please!


DSC_0024 - Version 2 (3)DSC_0016 (1)DSC_0057