The Mirror

Take with you the Mirror again, only to glance and glare at the sun indirectly through this handheld illusion. A constant battle to find the sun without a barrier – without a shield of some sort… To love, to endure, to nurture, to embellish, to look into the faded maroon glass and see…myself. Finally.





What do we do once we are ash? Tiny fibers of my being manipulate themselves to form a new. Scorched from the fire. A passion for life. To live. To Reform. To Burn again. This need to create by resurrection of oneself beyond comprehension of should and body aligned. This need that will not go unnoticed. un-wasted. For my ash will bloom from the Earth it has fallen to, only to feel the warmth of the fire once more…to fade into ash.



Love <3


an ocean of unanswered questions…reaching far beyond the horizon of this world.

Conditioned Unconditionally.

Be. Mine.




A darkened state awakened me. Trembling inside the root of my being. To fear the unknown. To question prematurely. Unbound into a state of mind so chilling, not even the ravens understand. An attempted sacrifice, left upon trepidatious curiosity of my soul. DSC_0079DSC_0065DSC_0054

Out the Window

Sitting, watching out the window…too cold to feel a single passion.

Dreaming of a kind of Death.

Voices of birds appear suddenly—chanting their spell at me, or Perhaps, not at all.

Take me away from the unknown, for a riddle never sat well in my mind


DSC_0073DSC_0074DSC_0076 - Version 2

DSC_0133DSC_0081 DSC_0114

Finding Myself

I told him of my sorrows, for the pain brought upon himself. I spoke a rhythmic sonnet, of lostness.  He replied from Robert Frost, “It’s not until you are so lost that you find yourself”… as I look through words of those once lost…another comes to mind, “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” -Henry David Thoreau

Staying true yourself is finding oneself.

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Crooked Spine

She spoke of my crooked spine, though how is she to know? When one is crooked inside, does not always make it so. The x-rays of the past, might have shown the truth, but my soul is in alignment…forsooth.

DSC_0078 (1)DSC_0077 (1)

Drain Me

Drain me, like the rush of standing up too fast…knowing any moment you might fall.

Drink my spirit for the tingling sensation of overconsumption, without fear of losing me.

For my time here will not understand the meaning of forever, [but will leave you an addict for my soul].

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Illusions following each day, let me be yours to see…everything you wish to see–trying to solve my riddle.

For the sphinx won’t let you live past its doors, if the questions asked are lost to yours.DSC_0051 (1)