Gianna Marie – My Little Sunflower

My niece Gianna is now 2 years old (27 months to be more exact) and she is a little ball of sunshine. She’s happy just to be outside any time of day. She loves swimming in the pool, picking strawberries from the garden, cooking in her pretend kitchen, playing hide and peek (seek), and most recently…baking cookies with Auntie CC (that’s me :D). I just had to sneak in a small picture session during my impromptu 2 day visit to Phoenix.

See the whole set on my flickr!



Gianna’s 1st Birthday

February 6, 2015 marks the 1st birthday of my niece Gianna! We celebrated this past Saturday, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The theme was The Wizard of Oz, so of course I had to make sure and sew her a custom made Dorothy dress! I’m so happy with the result, and the fact that it fit her just right!

My sister worked hard to make sure all the tiny details of the party were practically perfect. The cake was made by Donne (My brother in law’s mom) who spent so much time dedicated into creating such a magical dessert!

I was so excited to be able to photograph my first cake smash session!!! Gianna wasted no time digging in and smearing it all over the place. It was without a doubt well worth the mess! We all had a blast watching her discover the texture and taste of the cake, she even tried to offer me some at one point. After hosing off her piggy’s and giving her a “tubby time” bath, she dressed in her princess crown and poofy dress for one more photo session—phew! It was a tiring day for the birthday princess (and the family)! I can’t wait to see what exciting things (and photo opportunities) I get to experience with my niece for the years to come. She truly is a joy to be around- full of smiles, laughter, and love!


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Gianna Marie – 8 Months Old

Miss Gianna is turning 8 months this coming week, and is melting hearts by the minute! My niece is silly and loves to laugh! She is eager to get up and going, as if she might be just skipping the crawling phase and going straight into walking! Perhaps it’s all the bouncing she’s been doing in her jumpy jump! She was such a good little model (yet again) for her photos. Annnd her lashes are to die for! It was a short trip, but I can’t wait to see her again. More images on my Flickr!

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