Gianna – 3 Months Old

My niece is turning 3 months old in a week! She is super smiley and adorable. I went and visited my sister and brother in-law in Arizona for a few days, and got to take a few different shots of her just in time for her to turn 3 months. She loves talking (gibberish) after she’s fed or after a nice nap. She enjoyed me singing “Part of Your World” to her during photos- she was captivated- she’s definitely going to be a Disney kid. My sister has one week left on her maternity leave- I bet it’s gonna be a tough transition to be away from this cutie pie for too long. Here are a few of the photos from my visit:

DSC_0440 copy

DSC_0196 (1)

DSC_0027 DSC_0069 DSC_0169 (1)


DSC_0309 DSC_0344 (1)


3 thoughts on “Gianna – 3 Months Old

  1. What great pics as always. She is such a doll. Have a safe trip home and give Matthew a hug from me.

    Love you Donne Sent from my iPad


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