Xmas Noose-Once Upon A Time



A holiday unbound by heartache, such numbness they all have succumb to. And though I have been away from desert life, home is where I will always return. Piece by piece the sky of my life begins to sprinkle away, ashes fall in place of stardust. The image of my home has faded, the picture of this Once family, has been diluted from its Once bountiful nature. All I can hear are the voices in the walls…taunting, laughing, crying, hurting…questioning me. My understanding is lost inside of what was once a great foundation. And I know I am always welcome in your home, but what happens to the rest that have fallen behind? When will the poison of our past filter by the love we all once shared? It is only my place to speak for my own thoughts, but know that not a day passes that I don’t hurt for you. A sadness that sickens the soul, blinding us from truth, betraying our hearts once true spirit. It’s the ghost of christmas present, but I wish for the past.


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