The Paper Bag Princess

I’ve had this idea floating around in my mind for quite some time now. Finally, I forced myself to take the little time I had in my week, and shoot this series. The idea spanned from the actual story, “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert N. Munsch, artwork by Michael Martchenko. It’s a silly story about a princess whose prince is whisked away, and castle with all of her worldly possessions (including her clothes) are burned by a fire-breathing dragon! The only clothing she finds lying around is a brown paper bag. She sets off to save her dear prince, and ends up outsmarting the dragon, only to find that her once acclaimed prince is but a shallow halfwit.  The story ends on a high note, as the princess parades away, enlightened and empowered by her newfound power of self.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 4.59.22 PM

I always loved the illustrations in the book. The one image in particular was the fire silhouette of the dragon standing by the princess. Even though this pocket-sized story has more of a comic strip feel (with it’s short but sweet nature), I’ve remembered it since childhood.

I wanted to dip back into film photography, since it’s been a while (freshman year in college) that I had used film, so I pulled my high speed color film out of the freezer, and used up the roll in a few minutes! I absolutely love the way the photos turned out. Half the series is taken with my DSLR , the other with my 35mm. I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison, just to show the difference in quality. I love my DSLR, but nothing is like shooting in film. It’s purely magic. I remember being in the photo lab, developing my own black and white film…smelling like developer for a week, but it was worth the smell to see how the pictures came alive. To truly understand how to expose a photo properly, and well…be able to physically watch the photo appear from nothing…like I said, purely magic.

There’s still magic left in the world, some people are just too blind to notice when it’s right in front of them.  I’m going to be shooting more in film from now on…

Digital vs. Film


DSC_0189 copy 1DSC_0218 copy DSC_0176 copy


51910004 51910007 51910003 copy 51910016 51910033 51910023 copy


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