Romancing the Bean- A Lunch Date

I have been a Starbucks junkie for longer than I can remember. A “Goldmember”…since 2011.

Well frankly, I don’t care for it anymore to be honest! After finding out that its beans have acrylamide in them (yes I’m aware it’s also in many foods) it’s kind of lost it’s appeal to me.  There’s nothing extra special about it really.  My mission now is to explore new places (since being in LA…there are many options) to find the best cup of “Joe”…latte…whatever- that I can find. Here’s a place I visited with the boyfriend for a lunch date. “Romancing the Bean”- off of Magnolia blvd in Burbank! It’s completely adorable inside- with it’s black chandeliers, chic black furniture, and giant blackboard of a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch, and of course-coffee. Outside there’s a few cute patio tables where we ate our lunch. I enjoyed a smoked salmon and cream cheese wrap with cucumbers inside- yum! My boyfriend went for the tuna melt- I had a few bites, and it melted right in my mouth. Then we went back to bask in the romantic ambiance to sip on a hot soy caramel latte. The latte came topped with a little heart- a perfect exemplification of the café’s title. If you’re in Burbank one day, and looking for a great lunch spot- I recommend checking this place out!



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