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I used to think that everyone dreamed in color…I couldn’t imagine a dream in black and white, but I am very curious nonetheless. It’s so interesting to me how each of us dream so differently. Sometimes I can’t wait to end my day, just to hide away in my subconscious…when other times, I wake up physically and emotionally drained. Seems like we can never get away from what’s going on in our lives. Even in our sleep we have to deal with our problems, but instead of feeling like you might have lost control in “real” life, you end up driving a car with no brakes (a car that looks like your car, but is not your car…and suddenly nothing in it works) in your dream. Are we trying to solve our problems in our dreams, so that we can wake up the next day and face them? Maybe…maybe not. I try to force myself into a dream I like, once I am in a lucid dream state. There is a picture I like to get lost in, and place myself between its layers in hopes of waking up there in my dream. Where do your dreams take you?

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2 thoughts on “Dream.

  1. I love your photography.

    Couple nights ago I had a very vivid and surreal lucid dream, after viewing these photos and meditating on them for about an hour.

    The experience was kind of dreamlike really, since somewhere in my mind I knew I was in reality still sacked out in my bed even while I was zipping through the globe at a few million miles an hour. Even though I understand that it took quite a bit of practise to attain this ability, I certainly conclude it was worth the price.

    When I first tried lucid dreaming I took a crack at a bunch of free electronic “courses” I found while scanning StumbleUpon. Yet, after attempting these methods for just under two weeks I continued to have no containment over my nightmares.

    I believe the primary element that they were missing was the potent technique that I got when I checked out a professionally-made lucid dreaming product with noticeably good feedback, the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track. Here is a link to a report: http://www.reviewspanel.com/lucid-dreaming-fast-track/.

    When I dream now I can simply do any thing I’d like (though often I like soaring all over the globe). Thanks again for the inspiration in your photography, Ciara!

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