The Flute

I did this shoot about a week ago. I named the series, “The Flute” based off of, well yes the wooden piccolo that you see in the shots, but also the idea fluttered to me from this puzzle I used to have when I was younger. When I say younger, I mean teenage years…which let’s be honest, wasn’t that long ago…but I’m almost 26, and I’m having a quarter life-crisis, so back off 😉 . Anyways…the puzzle. I had this beautiful puzzle (made from a picture by Josephine Wall) that I built, glued together, and framed; hanging on the wall behind my bed. It was a beautiful picture, with a girl playing a flute, and all the magic that the flute would exude when the girl played it, was captivating to look at. I also used to play the flute, so I felt a connection to the girl in the picture at times.  At the same time this portrait was in my life, I was very in to writing poetry (still am btw). I’d like to share my poems, but I feel the internet is not to be trusted, and I worry enough about people trying to steal my photos…so no poem today.

I wanted to create something just as beautiful as that, but in my own way, so I grabbed my friend and had her play the part for me.

9338435489_27e3a2dbc2_z 9338862689_189812162e_z 9338863941_ed28a73526_z 9341648618_9bdae468ff_z

Thanks for reading ❤


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